LEDowa oprawa oświetleniowa 340 W o długości 1 metra dedykowana do domowych upraw w namiotach o wymiarach 60x120 cm, 90x90 cm

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    LED light fixture, 340 W, 39.4” (100 cm) length, dedicated for home plant cultivation in small growboxes: 2x4 ft (60x120 cm), 3x3 ft (90x90 cm) or 4x4 ft (120x120 cm).

    Additional features:
    Dimmer - light intensity control
    Timer - schedule for operation time
    Recipes - proposed lighting conditions for chosen types of crops
    Sunset/sunrise - mode of  smooth light intensity and spectrum change at the beginning and end of a da
    Manual control - over a panel located directly on the fixture or over a Bilberry Essentials mobile app available at Google Play or App Store free of charge. The Bluetooth signal can be turned off if not in use.  

    All products of the GROW series are granted a 5-year warranty

    Technical data
    Light flux: 955 µmol/s
    Size: 39.4 x 4.4 x 4.4” (1000 x 112 x 112 mm)
    Weight: 16,5 lb (7,5 kg)
    Power factor: 0.95
    Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz
    Light source: SMD Samsung/Osram
    Light distribution: 120°, axially symmetrical
    Working temperature: 0 - 50°C
    Plant distance: 28-36” (70-90 cm)
    IP rating: IP65
    Heat dissipation: passive

    In case of power failure fixture settings are preserved.
    Power consumption is automatically reduced when the temperature of the surroundings rises over the limit.
    Available power is utilized to the same extent at each light spectrum mode.