GROW 3Style series has been developed in response to constantly growing interest in home plant cultivation. During creation of the product we have applied our experience from cooperation with research institutes and commercial greenhouses producing vegetables and ornamental crops.

3 power versions - Mini (160 W), Standard (340 W), High-Power (600 W).
3 light spectrum variants - dedicated for specific plant growth stages: vegetative, (Grow), generative (Bloom) and pre-harvest (Harvest).

Grow - full spectrum resembling the sunlight spectrum.
Bloom - high amount of red light (660 nm) and addition of far red light (730 nm) that are enhancing proper inflorescence development.
Harvest - contains UVA radiation (390 nm) that stimulates in plants production of secondary metabolites such as nutritional and aromatic substances.

Additional functions - light intensity control (dimmer) and setting times of operation (timer).

Control - over a panel located directly on the fixture or over a mobile app available for free at Google Play or App Store free of charge. Bluetooth signal can be turned off if not at use. All products of the GROW series are granted a 5-year warranty.

Technical data
Power factor: 0,95
Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz
Light source: SMD Samsung/Osram
Light distribution: 120°, axially symmetrical
Working temperature: 0 - 40°C
Plant distance: 45 cm
IP rating: IP65
Heat dissipation: passive
Full power is used at each light spectrum mode.
Power is automatically reduced when the surrounding temperature rises over the limit.

MINI 160 W
LED light fixture, 160 W, 20” (50 cm) length, dedicated for home plant cultivation in small growboxes, 2 ft x 2 ft (60x60 cm).
357.32 € 357.32 € 357.32 EUR
LED light fixture, 340 W, 39.5” (100 cm) length, dedicated for home plant cultivation in small growboxes, 2 ft x 4 ft (60x120 cm).
510.45 € 510.45 € 510.45 EUR
LED light fixture, 600 W, 59” (150 cm) length, dedicated for plant cultivation on larger areas, in large growboxes or indoor facilities.
893.29 € 893.29 € 893.29 EUR