340W LED light fixture, 39.5” (100 cm) length.
Dedicated for home plant cultivation in small growboxes, 2 ft x 4 ft (60 x 120 cm) or 3 ft x 3 ft (90 cm x 90 cm).

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What contributes to the efficiency of Bilberry lighting fixtures

​Bilberry fixtures are equipped with a full white spectrum supplemented by a 660 nm red diode, which enhances photosynthesis efficiency, facilitates plant transition to the generative phase (flowering and fruiting), and improves root formation. They also feature a 730 nm far-red diode, which enhances the effect of the red diode. The Bilberry fixture offers 3 spectra optimized for specific growth phases. As indicated by scientific publications and our own research, plants require different light spectra for optimal growth at various stages. Therefore, the vegetative phase utilizes a full spectrum with relatively higher levels of blue light. The selection of cooler light temperature is based on the fact that an excess of red and far-red light during the vegetative phase adversely affects plant growth. The spectrum for the generative phase includes an increased amount of 660 nm red light (approximately 50%) and a small addition of 730 nm far-red light (a few %), which supports flower and fruit development and seed formation. Additionally, there is a full spectrum with the addition of UVA 390 nm light available. This frequency stimulates plants to produce secondary metabolites such as nutrients and aromatic substances, thereby improving the quality of the final product (yield). The utilized spectra include adequate amounts of far-red and green light, which have high leaf penetration, reaching lower layers of the plant and thereby enhancing photosynthesis efficiency and accelerating plant growth. Separating spectra for different growth phases improves cultivation efficiency and increases both quantity and quality of yield.

The efficiency of illumination and the rate of efficiency loss depend on the quality of the LEDs and the effectiveness of heat dissipation from the LEDs to the surroundings. In Bilberry fixtures, we employ passive heat dissipation through aluminum plates, high thermal conductivity thermal paste, an aluminum profile made from a high thermal conductivity alloy, formed into a radiator with a large surface area for air contact, and a structural coating ensuring additional surface contact with the surroundings. The structural coating also enhances heat emission from the fixture. According to measurements on Bilberry fixtures, the junction temperature of the semiconductor (LED) at room temperature is approximately 85°C, and the maximum operating temperature of the LED is 120°C. Therefore, a buffer is applied to allow for an increase in ambient temperature of over 30°C. The lighting fixtures have undergone tests in environments with temperatures reaching 50-60°C in summer, operating reliably and continuously for nearly 5 years. According to manufacturers' documentation, the LEDs used in Bilberry light sources are rated to shine for 100,000 hours. Furthermore, due to the design of the LED panels (3 spectra) in the Bilberry fixture, only a portion of the LEDs operate simultaneously, extending the lifespan of the fixture. 

Bilberry utilizes SMD LEDs from leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Osram, which are currently among the best on the market in terms of efficiency and durability. During LED production, LEDs of varying quality are manufactured and grouped by LED manufacturers into categories known as BINs. In Bilberry fixtures, we use LEDs from the highest quality BINs.

W Bilberry stosowaliśmy wcześniej szyby dyfuzyjne, też z dodatkowymi powłokami antyrefleksyjnymi, jednak zrezygnowaliśmy z tego typu rozwiązania ze względu na prawie 20% straty światła w porównaniu do szyb nisko żelazowych Optiwhite, które obecnie stosujemy, które absorbują tylko ok. 4% światła. Według naszych obserwacji szyby rozpraszające światło nadają się dobrze do zastosowania jako dach szklarni, jednak w przypadku opraw straty są zbyt duże co powoduje duży spadek efektywności opraw. Bilberry stosuje dla bezpieczeństwa szkło hartowane, które rozsypuje się na drobne nieostre kawałki w przypadku rozbicia szyby. 

Features of lighting fixtures  ​

 to consider when purchasing  

LED diodes

In our fixtures, we use highest-quality LED diodes from top manufacturers such as Samsung, Ledstar, and Osram.  


The fixture housing is made of aluminum, and the cooling system is passive. Passive cooling helps to reduce energy consumption by eliminating fans that would otherwise consume additional power and eliminate potential points of failure (fans). Passive cooling does not generate additional noise. The Bilberry fixture is coated with a structural coating that enhances heat dissipation efficiency. According to our measurements, the structural coating improves heat dissipation efficiency by approximately 7% compared to a smooth coating.  

Control system ​

We offer wireless control of the fixtures. Other solutions often provide wired control, which, once installed in a specific configuration, does not allow for easy changes in fixture grouping without modifying the installation. Bilberry's wireless system provides significant flexibility and freedom in grouping fixtures without the need for signal installation adjustments. Changing fixture group configurations is easily done through a mobile application.  

Power factor of the power supplies

0.95 - 0.98. It is important to note the timing of this parameter measurement, which should be done after the fixture has warmed up and reached its operating temperature. Temperature stabilization typically occurs after approximately 1 hour.  


Pay attention to the sealing method. The Bilberry fixture is built to IP65 sealing standard. It is sealed with a silicone gasket and cable glands (for cable entry), and it can withstand washing with a high-pressure washer. When choosing fixtures, ensure that any ventilation holes, joints, cable entry points, and other connections are properly sealed.  

Replacement of components

Servicing and replacement of individual components of the fixture are possible.  

Light distribution

The Bilberry fixture ensures efficient light emission from inside the fixture, minimizing losses. The LED beam angle is 120 degrees, which is consistent throughout the entire lighting fixture.  

Grouping of fixtures

Bilberry allows for wireless grouping of fixtures in various configurations. Other solutions often require wired connections between lighting fixtures and the use of additional hardware such as controllers. Wired connections may necessitate changes to the signal installation when adjusting fixture configurations. With the Bilberry lighting system's wireless communication, grouping fixtures in any configuration is simple and quick. Changes to groups and connection configurations can be made at any time using the mobile application. 

No additional costs!

The Bilberry system does not incur additional costs for control, as it does not require the installation of signal wires. Simply powering the fixtures allows for system operation through a free control application available on Android and iOS. The Bilberry system is straightforward (fixtures and app, without additional hardware) and has few potential points of failure. Simultaneously, it is advanced in terms of software features. Each fixture also has its own real-time clock and retains settings even in the absence of external power. The drivers in the fixtures have their own battery backup as well.

Bilberry for everyone!

The Bilberry fixture is also designed for professional applications such as research institutes and commercial greenhouses. Therefore, its construction is robust and designed to operate reliably for at least several years in demanding conditions.  

That's not all!

The Bilberry fixture is equipped with a higher quantity of red LEDs (660 nm), which are more costly than other LEDs but significantly contribute to improving photosynthetic efficiency and accelerating growth. Unlike most solutions, the Bilberry fixture also includes UVA LEDs, which stimulate the production of secondary metabolites, enhancing crop quality. The use of UV is uncommon and often requires purchasing an additional lamp at a cost of several hundred złotys per unit. The fixture price also includes a timer for programming operating times. It offers the capability to simulate sunrise and sunset, as well as control UVA and red light dosage through the sunrise and sunset function—a fantastic feature summarized in a few words.

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